Introduction: Android OS is used in most of the smartphones. So we decided to find out how we can make an app for android platform.

Why an app: As we know there are so many variety of apps available in Google play store which we can download. But those apps are built for general public use.

What we want to do is to get an basic idea that how an app is created so that in future we can create a really cool app which would would work according to one’s own need. Here in this project we are not going to create an app with versatile feature, rather we will focus on how to create even a very basic app.

So, to make an android app we will use a software named “Android Studio”
Android studio is an app developed by Google and is available for free. It is available for both linux, Mac and windows, written in Java, of IDE type.

An Android OS uses .apk file format for installing a application. After getting installed android sdk we will just create a new project. To test the app we will need an android virtual device and for that we can use AVD manager.

We will use some basic coding and simple technique to make an app.

Here we have shared a screenshot of android studio in which we have created a very basic app which will show the above animation on opening in an android phone.

This is not the app we are going to show in the whole project, this is just a basic one to give you an idea about app making in android studio.
We will try to create a function app which will do something more than that.

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