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Welcome to the Learning and Instructional Design Wiki. This website was created as a class project for students in the Information Media programs at St Cloud State University to share information, collaborate and build knowledge about instructional design and learning theories.

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Wiki pages for Learning Theory Assignments - group and personal pages

Experiential Learning Wendy Paul

Cooperative and Situated Learning Theory

Advanced Organizers

Lateral Thinking by Lisa Huninghake

Cognitive Apprenticeship

Cognitive Flexibility Theory-R.Eichele

Nine Events of Instruction

Universal Design for Learning

Cognitive Load Theory


Adult Learning

Adult Learning Theory - CAL Model - Wendy Warneke

Anchored Instruction - Erin Roe

Social Development Theory - Kirsten Uran

Cognitive Dissonance Theory - Chris Brassell

Andragogy Learning Theory with Suz Szucs

Social Learning Theory by Jessica

Constructivism Theory by Deb Allen

Comparison Paper Handouts

Advanced Organizers vs Dynamic Visualization by Tama

Cooperative and Project-Based Learning by Holly

Situated and Social Learning theories by Emilie Buesing

Classical Conditiong & Instructional Design Theory

Attribution and Lateral Thinking Theories by Lisa Huninghake

Cognitive Apprenticeship & Component Display Theory by Jeremy Hubbard

Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction and Constructivist Theory by Diane

Concept Learning & Component Display Theory

Universal Design for Learning vs Constructivism vs Technology

Adult vs Adolescent Learning Styles

Symbol Systems and Cognitive Flexibility-R.Eichele

The Nine Events of Instruction and The Advance Organizer

Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) and Constructivist Learning Environments (CLE)

Advance Organizers & Motivation Dave & Kyle

Constructivism by Chen

Cognitivism Theory and Constructivism Theory by Deb Allen

Comparison of the Situated Learning Theory and Anchored Instruction by Erin Roe

Andragogy, Pedagogy & Heutagogy with Suz Szucs

Social Development and Constructivist Theory - Kirsten Uran

http://im404504.wikidot.com/comparing-theories Experiential Learning and Constructivism Wendy Paul